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Rotorua seems like it should erupt at any moment - luckily Mt Tarawera has been dormant since 1886.
But there are still bubbling suferous mud pits.
Even right in the botanical gardens.
Noel did not enjoy the smell.
Hellsgate was appropriately named.
The sign says " Persons who throw litter or stones into the thermal pools may be asked to retrieve them."
We stayed at a very nice B&B that is also a deer and ostrich farm (and some sheep and elk).

The sheep show was surprisingly entertaining (yes, those dogs are sitting on the sheep - after running on top of them)

The zorb was definitely the most bizarre thing we did - get in a big plastic cushioned ball with some water and roll down a hill.  Amazingly fun.  (Especially when we were both in it!)
More gondalas and luges.
For more pictures of Rotorua, click here.

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